Reflection of the academic year 2014-2015


Well what an experience it has been. Our YWIT programme has been a huge success. We have had 18 fantastic women complete our programme. These women are my inspiration especially since some of them had never even turned on a computer before starting the programme. They overcame their fears and not only participated but flourished throughout the year.

Some quotes from our fantastic students:

I have enjoyed the course very much. It has given me the confidence in returning back to work after been made redundant in December 2014. I am not afraid of messing around on a computer and exploring different websites. I feel I have learned so much from the course and I am growing so much in confidence and knowledge in technology. (Orla)

I really enjoyed the course. I have confidence to try new things. I was afraid of computers before the course. I couldn’t even send an email. I wanted to do a course in counselling and psychotherapy but I needed to be computer literate to do this as all the notes etc. are online. This terrified me and I felt I would be unable to do the course because of it. I have completed the #techmums and I am now studying counselling and psychotherapy, now that I have learned how to use a computer. The class was comfortable and encouraging and it will be an asset to me in the future. (Tanya)

I really enjoyed the course. I have set up a group called Social Circle which is a social skills group for children on the autism spectrum and their siblings. In doing this course I have the confidence to go online and help maintain the social media side of the group and I have all the committee using Google drive for all activities. I really feel since doing this course that I have the confidence to sit at a laptop and get all my work on it. I look forward to doing another course in An Cosán. (Ally)
I am doing my 2nd year in a CE scheme and I have just started my own online business. I can now delve further into Google drive. I have gained a lot more interest in Web Design and App Design. I also found coding and programming very interesting. (Lorraine)
Since starting the course it has helped my business page immensely. My confidence has soared and behind the computer screen I am always trying new things. My simple holiday letting page has developed into helping other landlords with jobs like interior design, which is a passion of mine but again I would never dreamed of someone giving me that kind of responsibility. Two businesses have come out of this course for me. (Moire)

These ladies are my inspiration. I am super excited to see what 2015-2016 brings with the YWIT programme. (Sinéad)