About An Cosán

An Cosán Logo (2)

To use the power of Transformative Education through Learning, Leadership and Enterprise to end the injustice of poverty wherever we find it.
Mission statement 2011

An Cosán

An Cosán is a progressive, dynamic and innovative centre of Learning, Leadership and Social Enterprise. An Cosán houses the three operations of The Shanty Educational Project Ltd.:
  1. The Shanty Education and Training Centre, our adult community education centre,
  2. Rainbow House, our early childhood education and care facility and
  3. Fledglings, our social enterprise centre.

Central to our work is our commitment to supporting individuals and communities to actively engage in the process of social change through transformative education.

We stand alongside all the communities we work collaboratively with, all who work for a better world and all we have yet to meet on our journey.An Cosan Ethos

At the heart of all we do and aspire to do is the ethos of An Cosán. It is the ideals, beliefs, values and principles that underpin all our work, our culture and our philosophy. We often state that it is not so much what we do but how we do things that makes the difference that supports individuals and communities to change and develop.

You can read more about our ethos and An Cosán here.

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